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Simply Homemade Meals April 2016

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Doing Good Never Tasted So Good!

Simply Homemade meals, created by SIRCH Community Kitchen, are available for you to buy every Tuesday from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Pick up at SIRCH Central, 2 Victoria St, Haliburton.

New meals available this week are:

Chicken Tenders with Roasted Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables
(The potatoes in this meal were grown locally here in Haliburton County, yum!)

Also, enjoy a variety of meals made recently including:

Orange Ginger Pork Loin with Rice, Broccoli, Cauliflower & Carrots
Ham & Pineapple with Mashed Potatoes, Green & Yellow Beans and Carrots

When you purchase a Simply Homemade meal, you’ll be helping to provide a meal for someone in need. Pop In and give our meals a try!


Works of Wood on Shopify


Need a beautiful rain barrel? Looking for a gorgeous live edge harvest table made from reclaimed pine? These and other Works of Wood products are now available online through Shopify. These products, created from reclaimed wood, are made with pride at Thrift Warehouse Bancroft — harvest tables, garden obelisks, storage crates, rain barrels, critter proof boxes and more are custom made for you. Stunningly deep colour can be added with water-based aniline dyes, creating a piece that is perfect for your home, garden, or for a unique gift.

Works of Wood online at Shopify

You can also call 705-457-1742 to order or email info@sirch.on.ca

Works of Wood is a social enterprise under the auspices of SIRCH Community Services. WoW trains unemployed youth and adults in basic carpentry skills.

Release of the Butterflies 2016


There is a growing need for bereavement supports for residents of our county. Grief touches us all, whether it’s the death of a parent, friend, child, pet or whether it’s a different loss. Over a year ago, SIRCH started a bereavement program to help residents grieving the loss of a loved one. The program included 2 levels of grief groups, running every spring and fall, and a third level which runs monthly. These have been enormously impactful to the participants, helping them make sense of a world without their loved ones in it.

SIRCH receives no government funding for its bereavement program. To ensure that the Journey Through Grief groups can continue, SIRCH started a fundraising event last year, called “Release of the Butterflies”. Hundreds of beautiful Painted Lady butterflies were released at once into the air at the wetlands behind the Minden Cultural Centre. What a beautiful and meaningful occasion that was!

This year we will once again have the “Release of the Butterflies” in Minden on June 12th. Overwhelmingly, people are excited and supportive about this event, which includes entertainment, children’s activities, food, and (of course) the release of hundreds of butterflies. SIRCH did a great deal of research last year before introducing this fundraiser, to ensure that releasing this many butterflies would not interfere with our local ecosystem or the butterflies we currently have.

We chose Painted Lady butterflies, rather than Monarchs, because the Painted Lady is the most prolific butterfly in the world, covering North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The main reason for this is the large number of host plants they will use. The butterflies lay eggs on a number of natural and garden plants including hollyhock, thistle, sunflowers, clover, lambsquarter, yarrow, mallow and others. Painted Ladies are found all across North America, and the Painted Lady’s gene pool is spread over much of the hemisphere. Even though the butterflies have been raised in protected conditions, they are not domesticated. They are as wild as their counterparts that exist in this area. We also chose a local butterfly farm in Lakefield that is family owned and we visited the farm to see their operation prior to committing to the event.

The healthy butterflies that are released will be both male and female. They will enter the natural environment in our area and reproduce, increasing the numbers of the butterflies locally. I don’t know about you, but I have certainly noticed a decline in butterfly populations over the past decade (bees too). Butterflies are important pollinators. And unlike bees which are generally restricted to a local area, many butterflies are always on the move and can cross pollinate over a large area, improving the genetic mix of genes of the plant community. Ceremonial releases have become an important proactive ecological program for maintaining wild populations of these amazing insects and also the native plants that depend on them. We chose the Minden Cultural Centre because of the beautiful wetlands that the boardwalk meanders through.

Other benefits of our butterfly release:

  • It’s a chance to educate our children on the life cycle of a butterfly and how important they are to our ecology
  • It’s an opportunity to honour someone in your life, to launch a hope or dream, or celebrate a special person who has passed on by symbolically releasing a beautiful butterfly
  • It’s a chance to enjoy entertainment, camaraderie, and good food in an idyllic setting
  • It supports our critically important Bereavement Program in this community
  • It will help support the addition of other bereavement supports in this county – specifically we would like to do a children’s grief group.

Please join us on June 12th for our Release of the Butterflies event. If you’d like to help with the event or make a donation, or purchase butterflies to release please contact Marilyn Rydberg, RotB Fundraising Chair at mak.rydberg@gmail.com.

For further information about the bereavement program or the Journey Through Grief groups, contact Shelley Richardson, Journey Through Grief Coordinator, at shelley_richardson@sirch.on.ca.

Simply Homemade meals February 2016

Doing Good Never Tasted So Good!

Simply Homemade meals, created by SIRCH Community Kitchen, are available for you to buy every Tuesday from 10:00am – 4:00pm. Pick up at SIRCH Central, 2 Victoria St, Haliburton.

New meals available this week are:
Souvlaki OR Spicy Thai Chicken Skewers with Whole Grain Rice Pilaf & Mixed Veggies $5
We also still have lots of Turkey Vegetable OR Cheesy Broccoli & Cauliflower Soup Cup $2.50


When you purchase a Simply Homemade meal, you’ll be helping to provide a meal for someone in need. Pop In and give our meals a try! “Doing Good Never Tasted So Good!”

Simply Homemade order form

Simply Homemade poster Dec 2015

Simply Homemade meals January 2016

Happy New Year! Bring in 2016 by helping fill a tummy!

We had a great response to the launch of the new Simply Homemade “Doing Good Never Tasted So Good” meal program over the holidays. People were buying meals for various reasons; for friends and neighbors who would be spending the holidays alone, single working class with no time to cook, seniors who didn’t want to cook and even people going to office meetings.
You can get your Simply Homemade meal every Tuesday for the SIRCH Pop in from 10am-4pm at 2 Victoria Street in Haliburton.

Available starting January 19th: Sausage & Spinach Parmesan Penne with Broccoli/Cauliflower & Carrots and Homemade Turkey Vegetable Soup

Full meals are only $5 and Soups are only $2.50!

Don’t forget, every meal you buy helps provide a meal to someone in need right here in Haliburton County. We look forward to seeing you!