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Grand Opening of Thrift Warehouse Bancroft

At the Grand Opening of Thrift Warehouse Bancroft: Todd Smith, MPP and Marg Nicholson – Deputy Reeve of Faraday Council, offered a warm welcome to Gena Robertson, Executive Director of SIRCH and Sherry Hayes, Manager of Thrift Warehouse Bancroft.

Thrift Warehouse Bancroft – Creating Economic Opportunity

SIRCH Release of the Butterflies

Minden Cultural Centre, 1 pm, Sunday, Jun 14, 2015

Imagine holding a small box in the palm of your hand. Or putting it in your child’s hand. Imagine making a wish. Perhaps remembering a loved one. Then opening your box and seeing a beautiful, brilliant butterfly flutter up … and up. Your butterfly is joined by dozens of others. An amazing sight – one that will be remembered for a lifetime! A vision that is both meaningful and beautiful.


This June, SIRCH is introducing a new annual fundraiser to Haliburton County. SIRCH Release of the Butterflies comes to Minden on June 14, 2015. This is a participant-driven fundraiser. With a donation of just $30 you will receive a lovely Painted Lady butterfly, raised on a nearby butterfly farm (Butterflies and Roses, in Lakefield, ON). Painted Lady butterflies lay eggs on a number of natural and garden plants including hollyhock, thistle, sunflowers, clover, lambsquarter, yarrow, mallow and others. Painted Ladies are found all across North America. Even though the butterflies have been raised in protected conditions, they are not domesticated. They are as wild as their counterparts that exist in the area. The healthy butterflies you release, which will be both male and female, will enter the natural environment in our area and reproduce, increasing the numbers of the butterflies locally.

Butterflies are important pollinators. And unlike bees which are generally restricted to a local area, many butterflies are always on the move and can cross pollinate over a large area, improving the genetic mix of genes of the plant community. Ceremonial releases have become an important proactive ecological program for maintaining wild populations of these wonderful insects and also native plants that depend on them.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will go to support SIRCH’s Grief Recovery Groups and Bereavement Support Program.

So join us for SIRCH’s Release of the Butterflies, and watch as the site transforms with beautiful butterflies. To make a donation, and secure your butterfly (or butterflies) for release June 14th, download an order form by clicking the link below.

Butterfly Order Form

Thrift Warehouse Bancroft – Creating Economic Opportunity

Income is perhaps the most important social determinant of health. Level of income shapes our overall living conditions, affects our view of the world, and influences our health. Income determines the quality of other “social determinants of health” such as food security, housing, and other basic prerequisites of health. [Social Determinants of Health THE CANADIAN FACTS, 2010]

The fact is that every time there is an injection of extra income into a local economy, it creates a “Multiplier Effect.” This Multiplier Effect refers to the increase in final income arising from any new injection of spending. When a job is created, more dollars are entering a local economy, to be spent on local goods and services. For example, if John gets a job, and has $2,500 a month to spend, he will likely spend some of his income on groceries, he may take his wife out for dinner, get some car repairs that were needed and so on. Each of the local businesses that earned those dollars, will then re-spend that money on more local goods and services. This cycle happens several times before the money is finally spent outside the region. The multiplier effect varies, but generally the multiplier effect is thought to be between 3 and 8. In other words, John’s pay of $2,000 has an impact in the local community of between $7,500 and $20,000 every month!

The new Thrift Warehouse in Bancroft has created two full time jobs already (and we’re not even open!). We hope to create more part and/or full time time jobs over the next few months. That’s a lot of economic impact in North Hastings!

7 other advantages of job creation:

1. Job creation increases financial security.
This one may be obvious, but when individuals are unemployed, they often must deplete their savings, incur debt or rely on public and/or private assistance of some kind. Having an income brings more financial security.

2. Job creation results in increased spending, translating into higher sales and profits for businesses.
When a community suffers from high unemployment, it is denied important purchasing power. Local businesses will lack the sales they need to support investment and employment. Additional layoffs may occur, increasing these problems. Job creation provides at least some people with a steady income stream which then has the “multiplier effect” referred to above.

3. Job creation is the key to good physical and mental health.
Individuals who are unemployed/underemployed are more likely to lack health insurance. Parents may be less likely to take their children to the doctor if they cannot afford transportation or worry about paying for medicine. Studies have shown that unemployment is directly related to poorer physical and mental health, and prenatal care. And of course lack of income creates stress and anxiety. Job creation helps improve those issues.

4. Job creation helps alleviate poverty.
Unemployment/underemployment is a major cause of poverty. Job creation is the best antidote as it is contributes to the ability to have adequate housing, sufficient and healthy food, recreational activities and other things that contribute to quality of living.

5. Job creation is good for the elderly.
Many elderly are dependents, and so job creation increases their security by increasing the ability of their children/family to support them. This doesn’t have to be direct financial support, but could also be giving family enough money to drive over frequently to check on mom or dad, help with chores, and purchase necessary items that will help them stay at home.

6. Job creation may allow children to return to school or complete more years of schooling.
Unemployment is directly related to increased school dropouts. Families where the parents are unemployed often need their children of working age to help chip in to support the family. Job creation may allow those children to return to school or complete more years of schooling. In the long run, this results in a more educated, better skilled labor force, increasing productivity, and all the benefits that go along with that.

7. Job creation promotes community.
Unemployment/underemployment not only affects individuals, but high unemployment can depress an entire community. Job creation ignites hope in both individuals and communities, and promotes a positive sense of community.

Thrift Warehouse Bancroft is a social enterprise of SIRCH Community Services.

You can support Thrift Warehouse, and job creation, by:
• Donating clothing, household goods, furniture, lighting, tools and more
• Buying reasonably priced items from Thrift Warehouse – check here first!

Thrift Warehouse Bancroft – 29556 Hwy 28S (between Kawartha Dairy & JJ’s Diner)

GRAND OPENING Sat Apr 4, 2015 10 am (ribbon cutting at 11 am)

Donations of gently used household items being accepted Wed-Fri 10 am – 5 pm


Check out Thrift Warehouse Bancroft on Facebook!

2015 Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce award nominations

We are honoured and grateful to have been nominated for the Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce “Not-for-Profit of the Year” Award. This is the 4th time SIRCH has been nominated and we are humbled and elated every time. We create and maintain our programs, services, social enterprises and resources through strong partnerships and incredible support from this community, so this is also an acknowledgement of the generous, community-minded businesses, individuals and organizations who help us every day. Thank you!

We also are thrilled that the leadership of our Executive Director, Gena Robertson, has been recognized. She has been nominated for “Highlander of the Year”.

SIRCH’s vision is “to have thriving communities where each person feels connected, supported and encouraged”. In the last 12 months, we have employed 29 people. And contracted with over 20 more. That’s a lot of economic ripple! We work hard to bring grants and government funding into Haliburton County. We are working hard to develop thriving social enterprises that not only help the community but generate revenue for SIRCH’s programs. We provide support groups and programs, food, mentoring, educational events, low-cost goods and a wide variety of services to hundreds, maybe thousands, of residents. Our staff and volunteers love what they do. We are proud to have the opportunity to create health and resilience and prosperity in the community in which we choose to live. And we are honoured to be nominated for the Chamber Awards.

New year, new message?

For many years, SIRCH has used ‘creating today to influence tomorrow!’ as a tag line on our letterhead, web site and brochures. This was a quick way to reflect our mission, and referred to the idea that if we work to create the programs, services and community we want, then we’ll have a better place to live in the future. Some people felt it was a bit obscure though. Following an update to the SIRCH mission statement in 2014, we would like to know if you think we should change our tag line to: ‘Responding to needs through innovative programs & strong partnerships

SIRCH tag line for blog post
Please give us your feedback and suggestions below. Does the revised tagline help you better understand SIRCH’s goals and activities?