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Simply Homemade meals October 2016

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Doing Good Never Tasted So Good!

Simply Homemade meals, created by SIRCH Community Kitchen, are available for you to buy every other Thursday starting October 20th from 9:00am-12:30pm, pick up at SIRCH Central, 2 Victoria St, Haliburton.

NEW- We now accept Debit & Credit card payment! Cash still preferred.

New meals available this week are:
• Creamy Thai Carrot Soup – Low Sodium, Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free! ($2.50)
• Maple Beef Chili with a Whole Wheat Bun ($5)
• All Natural Apple Sauce ($2)


When you purchase a Simply Homemade meal, you’ll be helping to provide a meal for someone in need. Pop in and give our meals a try! “Doing Good Never Tasted So Good”

“Thanks, grief.”

Nearly 7 years ago now, my husband died unexpectedly and swiftly, one day short of our 30th anniversary. The outpouring of support from friends, family and virtual strangers made all the difference in the world to how I was able to cope in the weeks and months that followed. When I read this blog post today by Patton Oswalt, I had to share it. Patton Oswalt is an accomplished comedian, writer and actor. His wife died suddenly in April of this year. She died in her sleep at age 42. 102 days later, Patton broke his silence and wrote this blog. His words are raw, gripping, and emotional (there is some explicit language). This post will affect you, as will the responses from total strangers that are written below the post.

~ Gena Robertson, Executive Director, SIRCH Community Services


(for those of you who do not have access to Facebook, here is the text of Patton Oswalt’s post)

“Thanks, grief.

Thanks for making depression look like the buzzing little bully it always was. Depression is the tallest kid in the 4th grade, dinging rubber bands off the back of your head and feeling safe on the playground, knowing that no teacher is coming to help you.

But grief? Grief is Jason Statham holding that 4th grade bully’s head in a toilet and then fucking the teacher you’ve got a crush on in front of the class. Grief makes depression cower behind you and apologize for being such a dick.

If you spend 102 days completely focused on ONE thing you can achieve miracles. Make a film, write a novel, get MMA ripped, kick heroin, learn a language, travel around the world. Fall in love with someone. Get ’em to love you back.

But 102 days at the mercy of grief and loss feels like 102 years and you have shit to show for it. You will not be physically healthier. You will not feel “wiser.” You will not have “closure.” You will not have “perspective” or “resilience” or “a new sense of self.” You WILL have solid knowledge of fear, exhaustion and a new appreciation for the randomness and horror of the universe. And you’ll also realize that 102 days is nothing but a warm-up for things to come.

And …

You will have been shown new levels of humanity and grace and intelligence by your family and friends. They will show up for you, physically and emotionally, in ways which make you take careful note, and say to yourself, “Make sure to try to do that for someone else someday.” Complete strangers will send you genuinely touching messages on Facebook and Twitter, or will somehow figure out your address to send you letters which you’ll keep and re-read ’cause you can’t believe how helpful they are. And, if you’re a parent? You’ll wish you were your kid’s age, because the way they embrace despair and joy are at a purer level that you’re going to have to reconnect with, to reach backwards through years of calcified cynicism and ironic detachment.

Lose your cool, and you’re saved.

Michelle McNamara got yanked off the planet and out of life 102 days ago. She left behind an amazing unfinished book, about a horrific series of murders that everyone — including the retired homicide detectives she worked with — was sure she’d solve. The Golden State Killer. She gave him that name, in an article for Los Angeles Magazine. She was going to figure out the real name behind it.

She left Alice, her 7 year-old daughter. But not before putting the best parts of her into Alice, like beautiful music burned onto a CD and sent out into the void on a spaceship.

And she left me. 102 days into this.

I was face-down and frozen for weeks. It’s 102 days later and I can confidently say I have reached a point where I’m crawling. Which, objectively, is an improvement. Maybe 102 days later I’ll be walking.

Any spare energy I’ve managed to summon since April 21st I’ve put toward finishing Michelle’s book. With a lot of help from some very amazing people. It will come out. I will let you know. It’s all her. We’re just taking what’s there and letting it tell us how to shape it. It’s amazing.

And I’m going to start telling jokes again soon. And writing. And acting in stuff and making things I like and working with friends on projects and do all the stuff I was always so privileged to get to do before the air caught fire around me and the sun died. It’s all I knew how to do before I met Michelle. I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do now without her.

And not because, “It’s what Michelle would have wanted me to do.” For me to even presume to know what Michelle would have wanted me to do is the height of arrogance on my part. That was one of the many reasons I so looked forward to growing old with her. Because she was always surprising me. Because I never knew what she’d think or what direction she’d go.

Okay, I’ll start being funny again soon. What other choice do I have? Reality is in a death spiral and we seem to be living in a cackling, looming nightmare-swamp. We’re all being dragged into a shadow-realm of doom by hateful lunatics who are determined to send our planet careening into oblivion.

Hey, there’s that smile I was missing!”

Fill in our training survey and win a gift certificate for $20!

Many people have indicated they would love to learn the skills associated with previous training programs we have offered (Cook It Up, Works of Wood, Chic & Unique, Safe at Home, etc.), however needed short courses or workshops. We listened and for 2016/17, we are considering offering one-day and weekend intensives, as well as night courses, via our new Homeowner’s Series. We have talented instructors for every topic area listed, and most of the training could be done either in Haliburton or Bancroft.

Please help us by filling in this simple survey before the end of July! Your name will go in a draw for a $20 gift certificate for either of the Thrift Warehouses (Haliburton or Bancroft). Draw to take place August 2nd.

The survey can be completed online at SurveyMonkey (click link to access).

Or click on the link below to download the survey, print & complete. Return via email to info@sirch.on.ca or by mail to 4663 County Rd 21, PO Box 687, Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0.

Training Opportunities List June 2016

Simply Homemade meals July 2016

SIRCH simply homemade logo (4)

Doing Good Never Tasted So Good!

NEW SUMMER HOURS: Meals will be available for purchase at 2 Victoria St, Haliburton on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 9am-11:30am starting July 4 until August 12!

New meal available this week:

• Chicken Vegetable Chili with Fresh Bread

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Simply Homemade poster Dec 2015

Chic & Unique Show and Sale

Chic & Unique Show & Sale PosterYou won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind Chic & Unique Upcycled Furniture Show and Sale.

Chic & Unique was a training program put on this spring by SIRCH Community Services. For four days a week, over a seven week period, at Thrift Warehouse Haliburton, students learned basic carpentry skills as well as a variety of upcycling techniques and created over 40 products! The items featured in the catalogue (click on link below) have been upcycled from donations at Thrift Warehouse in Haliburton. You will be amazed at what the students accomplished, thanks to the mentoring of Ron Kapitain, Karen Gustafson, Don Pflug, Jeny Scarrow and of course with the oversight of Cammy George.

This fun event is happening at Thrift Warehouse Monday June 27th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.! So please join us.

All proceeds will go to support SIRCH programs.

Chic and Unique show catalogue