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Why give a Gift from the Heart?

Martha, 80, lives with her brother Tom, who is 84. Martha moved in when her husband died a year ago. She is still having difficulty coming to terms with her husband’s death – after all they were married for over 60 years! Living at Tom’s is difficult, although Martha is grateful for his company and for a free place to stay. Her savings are long gone and she has only her pension. Tom also has only his pension so it’s a help for him too. The house is in need of repair. It’s not well insulated and is heated with wood. “We’re not exactly spring chickens you know,” Martha thought, as she stoked the fire. A neighbour had helped them stack some wood but Martha was worried about how they’d manage if this winter was anything like the last one. Their family lived far away and most of their friends were either in long term care or had moved away. Both she and Tom hated the idea of moving to long term care or even renting a place in town – they loved being in the country.

How can Gifts from the Heart help? SIRCH could provide the following services:

1. Need a Hand workers could help split and pile wood, help with repairs or maintenance and other chores.

2. SIRCH could help Tom with an application for a renovation grant

3. Community Kitchen could provide free meals, if needed.

4. The Bereavement Program could help Martha with her grief.

5. SIRCH could refer them to other resources, (like the Heat Bank for wood, Food Bank if they need food, Community Care for social activities or rides to the doctor, or other resources.

Help us help residents like Martha and Tom. Give to Gifts from the Heart!

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Shopping Cart Showdown at Thrift Warehouse!

Get your tickets now for a chance to be one of three participants in the first ever Shopping Cart Showdown at Haliburton’s Thrift Warehouse! First prize – $1,000 in cash, second prize – $150 VISA + $100 Thrift Warehouse gift certificate, third prize – $125 Thrift Warehouse gift certificate.

Here’s how it works: on Friday, November 21, 2014, three tickets will be drawn and winners will be called to confirm their participation in the Thrift Warehouse Shopping Cart Showdown event. Winners will have three hours to confirm their participation in the event. If ticket holders have not confirmed their particpation within the three hour period, they will forfeit their chance and another winner will be drawn. This method will continue until three participants have been confirmed.

On Saturday, November 29, the Showdown begins at 2 pm. The three participants will push their carts around the Warehouse, aiming to fill them with the highest valued items. Once all participants have been cashed out, first/second/third prize winners will be announced.

Tickets are $5 each, 3 for $12, 5 for $20 and can be purchased at a number of retail outlets in Haliburton County (see Ticket Sales Outlet List Oct 8 2014), including Thrift Warehouse and SIRCH. Call 705-457-1742 for more details.

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Cabin Pressure at Thrift Warehouse!

On Thursday, August 21st, there was a flurry of activity as the film crew from “Colin and Justin’s Cabin Pressure,” moved into the Warehouse. You may know Colin and Justin, the Scottish design experts who are regularly featured on Cityline, Entertainment Tonight Canada and City TV’s Breakfast Television.

Turns out they’ve bought a cabin in the Highlands that they are renovating for their new series “Colin and Justin’s Cabin Pressure!” So in they both came to the Thrift Warehouse to scope out furniture pieces and other decorating options. I won’t tell you what they got – it would spoil the surprise … you’ll have to wait till the episode airs.
Their website says Colin’s and Justin’s goal is “simply this: to share good things with good people.” Indeed they are very friendly, informal and funny. Cammy and I were interviewed about the Warehouse and SIRCH. Learning Cammy’s name is Camille, Colin put the back of his hand to his forehead dramatically and exclaimed “‘Camille’ … that’s the best name!” The pair are very engaging, whether talking to each other or to others. They cheerfully talked with customers in the store. No one knew they were coming (other than us) so there were quite a few double-takes and excited whispering.

Here’s a photo of Cammy and me with Colin and Justin. And a picture of a table, (which Karen Gustafson had painted with blackboard paint), with their signatures. Keep your eye out – they will be coming back to the Warehouse on other occasions.

– Gena Robertson, Executive Director, SIRCH Community Services

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The Journey Through Grief, Level 1

Bereavement Support Group - The Journey Through Grief FALL 2014

A safe and confidential support group environment to help you cope with your loss.

This group meets Wednesdays: Sep 17th to Nov 19th from 1-3pm.

For more information or to register, please contact Marilyn at 1-705-457-1742 ext. 30, or email marilyn_rydberg@sirch.on.ca

Fletcher Peacock

The “Professor of Happiness” is coming to Haliburton!

Fletcher Peacock flyer for FBTo learn more about Fletcher Peacock, please visit his web site: www.FletcherPeacockCommunicationSolutions.com

Call SIRCH at 705-457-1742 to reserve your spot for Fletcher’s one day workshop in Haliburton on Friday, September 26, 2014. The workshop will be held upstairs at the Haliburton Curling Club (8:30 am to 5 pm) with a light lunch included.