Christmas gift giving made easy!

We all know the feeling: It’s ten days until Christmas and there’s that one aunt, that one friend you haven’t yet found a present for. Maybe you kept looking for the perfect gift. Maybe the person is one of those people who are notoriously hard to buy for. Or maybe you’re a last-minute person and you’re still urgently looking for presents for just about everybody! Whatever your situation is, you need something good, and you need it fast.

Consider purchasing a Gift from the Heart from SIRCH Community Services. Here’s why it’s a great idea …

1. You and your recipient will be improving the lives of people in need right here in Haliburton County. Your donation will help provide nutritious meals for those most in need due to illness, poverty or critical circumstance.

2. Giving a “Gift from the Heart” is ethical giving. It is a gift that truly matters, a gift that brings with it hope and change.

3. According to an Ipsos Reid poll, 9 out of 10 Canadians feel that Christmas is becoming too commercial, and the number of people who would prefer to receive a meaningful gift that would help someone else is growing.

4. Giving an ethical gift to SIRCH is a way of giving back to your neighbours and community in the most meaningful way. Not only does SIRCH provide over 5,000 meals each year free to those in need, it provides training, supports and employment opportunities.

5. It’s quick and easy: All you have to do is go to the SIRCH website, and donate.  We’ll send you a card to give to the recipient. It will continue to remind the recipient of the good their gift is doing.

6. If the recipient is generally hard to buy for, a Gift from the Heart is a great way of making sure they’re not left out without getting them something they neither want nor need.

7. Gifts from the Heart  allows ethical giving on a local level. For example, in Haliburton County there is poverty that no one sees but that we as community members need to acknowledge and address. We need to give in our own communities.

Give a Gift from the Heart here.

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