Serendipity or … ?

I love serendipity! When those unexplainable things happen – you think of someone you haven’t thought of in a decade and they show up on your doorstep the next day, or you pick up a book while you’re in a waiting room and it gives you the answer to an issue you’ve been stuck on. Or you need a particular skill set for a job and the ideal person walks into the office. To me it’s a sign that the Universe (or Someone) has my back.

Well, a couple of weeks ago Jenny, who cleans our SIRCH office, said our vacuum needed to be replaced. So, of course, we looked first at Thrift Warehouse (😊) but couldn’t find one. So Donna and I went on the computer and looked at vacuums and reviews and chose a vacuum. We tend to squeeze every penny at SIRCH so it was a modest vacuum but one with 5 star ratings and … well, we needed one! The best price (and free delivery) was at Costco. With HST it came to $214.69.

Stacy, in Finance, went in the safe to get our Costco membership information – it had been a long time since we had ordered anything. Under the membership, was a card, with a note handwritten by Diane Johnson who retired last year. I’d say the card was probably 2 years old or more.

The amount of the card? The EXACT amount we needed: $214.69! To the penny!

I have to admit – I felt very looked after. And giggled a bit. And shared with everyone I know. Because to me it’s an indicator that the Universe has our backs. And obviously a sense of humour!

~ Gena


  1. Diane Johnson says:

    Well now that is certainly cool
    Even I had forgotten about the credit
    Good on you Sirch

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