About Haliburton County

The region of Haliburton Highlands is located at the south end of the Canadian Shield at the north end of southern Ontario —2.5  hours north east of Toronto. Haliburton County is 4,025 square kilometres in size with a rugged landscape of lakes and hills which is habitated by 17,026 year-round residents and an additional seasonal population of approximately 45,000.

Within this large geography reside 17,025 individuals, 27% (4,755) of whom are over the age of 65 and 57% (9,800) of whom are over the age of 50. Haliburton County has one of the highest poverty rates in Ontario, in part due to low-paying seasonal work and to the high numbers of pensioners. Haliburton County is also a thriving arts community, and very community-minded. Those who can give, do so generously.