What We Do

Incorporated in 1989 to address gaps in social and health services, SIRCH Community Services has developed dozens of programs, training, resources and social enterprises that create resilience, confidence, and connection. Because it is mandated to find solutions to issues and needs in the community, SIRCH is always evolving and changing. While we’ve had some of our programs since 1994 (e.g. the groups for parents of young children who are facing barriers such as poverty), most of the dozens of programs and services created over time have been divested to other organizations once stable and proven, or closed when the service has met the need.

Although SIRCH began in, and continues to operate in Haliburton County, throughout our history we have, at various times, had a national and international presence because of innovative programs developed here. We currently sponsor programs in City of Kawartha Lakes and Northumberland County, and have a social enterprise in Bancroft. SIRCH also is offering training in Bancroft in 2018.

Some of our programs involve very dedicated and skilled volunteers. We could not do what we do without incredible partnerships. Those range from farmers who donate produce to our Community Kitchen, to volunteers who assist with our programs, to businesses who help with training programs, to cottagers who bring donated furniture to Thrift Warehouse, to other organizations who help deliver programs and training — seriously we have way too many partnerships to mention them all here, but every single one is appreciated! Indeed it is only through our networks of people, organizations, and businesses, and through our collective creative thinking, that we can do so much for so little.

Currently our programs and social enterprises reflect our Vision: to have thriving communities where each person feels connected, supported and encouraged. Our focus is on creating resilience, reducing poverty and encouraging connection. Read through ‘Programs’ and ‘Social Enterprises’ to see the wide range of initiatives SIRCH is involved in. We really do have “an unwavering belief in people and possibilities”.