Partner with Us

Have an idea for a special event or program you want to create? Want to help us plan and organize one that already exists? You can do both when your business or organization becomes a SIRCH partner. Partners work closely with staff on planning and implementing every aspect of a special event or program; from identifying and coordinating volunteers and funding, to finding and distributing supplies and equipment. If your group has products and services to donate to our cause, we want to hear from you today! Contact us for more information about how you can help.

Let Your Staff Volunteer

Is your business or organization looking for a way to give back to local communities? Looking for a good way to encourage a spirit of teamwork and civic engagement among your employees or members? Why not bring them together to help SIRCH? We are always looking for volunteers. Learn more here…

Please contact us for more information about any one of these corporate/organizational contribution options, or if you have an idea about another way your group can help us help families in Haliburton County.

Sponsor an Event or Program

Looking for a high-profile way to spotlight your support for families in Haliburton County? SIRCH organizes several events and programs throughout the year that you can sponsor. Experience some of the most positive attention your business or organization can receive as we showcase your special effort to families, volunteers and media.  Contact us today for more information on:

  • becoming a sponsor of our annual Hike for Hospice
  • sponsoring a child to take the 6 week School’s Cool kindergarten readiness
  • providing food for our Community Kitchen
  • packaging some of our innovative programs into “how to” online training
  • or one of our other events or programs. We want to hear from you!