Food Security Initiatives

Over the past several years SIRCH has implemented a number of programs to:

a)    Provide healthy food to residents who don’t have enough or are unable to prepare their own due to illness or circumstance

b)    Build skills and confidence in growing, preserving and cooking food

c)    Provide opportunities to meet and connect with others in the community around a common topic

Community Kitchen

Twice a month volunteers gather to cook and freeze dozens of nutritious, tasty meals that are distributed through community agencies and SIRCH groups.  Over 100 meals a month help individuals and families who are experiencing illness or hardship.  Community Kitchen is a great place to be – cooking, talking, having fun and making a difference.  Volunteers receive training from SIRCH prior to cooking in the Kitchen.

“The reason I volunteer for the Community Kitchen is because I want to give back to the community as others have helped me when I was a participant in the CAPC/CPNP programs.” ~ CK volunteer

Garden Buddies


A program that matches trained volunteer mentors who are seasoned gardeners with those who want to learn to grow their own vegetables and herbs. Mentors help their learners prepare their garden site, plant and harvest. Learners can turn to their mentors for advice and suggestions. Sites include community gardens, apartment gardens, and individual gardens.

Garden Buddies is a partnership with Abbey Gardens and HKPR District Health Unit.