Through its many programs and initiatives, SIRCH Community Services has touched thousands of lives in Haliburton County and beyond over the past 30 years and still continues to do so today.  It has created dozens of programs, trained hundreds of people, set up social enterprises, and much more.

In its history, SIRCH has been an economic driver in the community, improved the physical and mental health of thousands of individuals, increased the school success of thousands of preschoolers, given away tens of thousands of free meals and snacks (and counting), diverted tons of items out of local landfills, and the list goes on. See our timeline for a complete history.

For many SIRCH has bridged the gap between an empty fridge and having a warm meal to eat. It has made the difference when suffering from postpartum depression, when experiencing grief, feeling isolated, seeking out a network of support, or needing to give back. It has helped families rebuild after a fire, an abusive relationship or the death of a loved one.  It has helped provide skill-building, confidence, employment and volunteer opportunities.  SIRCH has had impact!

Your story is our story, and we’ve only just begun.

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