Food Initiatives

Over the past several years SIRCH has implemented a number of programs to:

  • Provide healthy food to residents who don’t have enough or are unable to prepare their own due to illness or circumstance
  • Build skills and confidence in growing, preserving and cooking food
  • Provide opportunities to meet and connect with others in the community around a common topic

Community Kitchen

Twice a month volunteers gather to cook and freeze dozens of nutritious, tasty meals that are distributed through food banks, community agencies and SIRCH groups to people who have difficulty accessing food due to poverty, illness or circumstance. We provided 3,600 nutritious frozen meals and 400 hot lunches free of charge. Community Kitchen is a great place to be – cooking, talking, having fun and making a difference. Volunteers receive training from SIRCH prior to cooking in the kitchen.

“I love being a volunteer with SIRCH Community Kitchen. We know the impact that these meals are having in our community and feel so thankful to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause.” ~ CK volunteer

Applesauce project

A number of years of a community project was born out of a desire to provide more fresh fruits and vegetables to seniors in need. A number of community partners came together to make applesauce out of fruit that was unused. With so many apples falling to the ground, why not turn them into applesauce for those in need. The project helps bring fresh, local and nutritious food to people in the county. 

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