Repair Café – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a broken household item? Don’t toss it! Bring your small appliances, computers, electronics, clothes, jewelry, books, and more, and we will show you how to fix it for free!

1. When and where is the next monthly Repair Café?

Our next Repair Cafe is taking place on Sunday, February 12 from 12-2pm at the SIRCH Training Centre and Bistro, located at 49 Maple Ave., Haliburton.

2. What kinds of household items can I bring to the Repair Café?

What can be fixed is dependent on the skill set of those that volunteer for any given event. If you have an unusual item, call us at 705-457-1742 and can work to find a Fixer with the needed skill set. If you have a skill to share or just wish to help in some way, please contact us at 705-457-1742 or email [email protected].

3. How many broken items can I bring to the Repair Café?

There is no limit but to reduce the waiting time during busy periods, a maximum of ONE broken item per person will be examined. If it is busy, you can take a number and, while you’re waiting, have a friendly conversation with your neighbours.

4. Who are Fixers?

Fixers are volunteers who are skilled at repairing household items. The team of Fixers at the Repair Café havea variety of expertise, from appliances, electronics, computers, furniture, clothes, jewellery to books and bikes, among others.

5. What kind of help can I expect from a fixer

Your Fixer will show you how to repair your item and work with you to get it fixed. Or you can request advice and guidance and carry out the repair yourself. He or she will help you learn basic skills by sharing his or her expertise and demonstrating how you can gradually repair broken items on your own. Please note that REPAIRS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. In addition, please respect that our focus for clothing fixes is on repair rather than alterations.

6. Is there any cost involved on repairs at the Repair Café?

The work carried out at the Repair Café is done free of charge on a voluntary basis by the Fixers available. At the moment, we cannot provide replacement parts such as plugs, fuses, zippers, etc. If you are satisfied with your experience at the Repair Café, we would greatly appreciate it if you make a cash donation within your means. This is just to help cover our costs.

7. Will it be safe to make these repairs?

All Fixers are knowledgeable with regard to the safe use of the tools available. The first step in tackling a repair job will be to discuss the safe use of tools and handling of the item to be repaired. Electrical safety will be explained when disassembling items that use electricity.

8. How do I register for a repair?

Sign-up is “first-come first-served” on the day of the event. Registration is open up to 1 hour before closing time. We suggest that you arrive on the early side to ensure your place in the queue.

9. Can I visit the Repair Café if I have nothing to repair?

Yes! You can still enjoy a cup of coffee/tea, catch the vibe, or lend a hand with someone else’s repair job. In keeping with our effort to reduce waste, we encourage you to bring your own cup, mug or water bottle.

10. How to receive news about the Repair Café?

There are lots of ways to stay in touch:

  • Visit our website often
  • Subscribe to events on Facebook
  • Bookmark Upcoming Repair Cafés
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