Smash Room

Smash Therapy!


Location: Thrift Warehouse Bancroft, 29556 Hwy 28 South, Bancroft
Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Tue-Sat
Phone: 1-844-847-4382

Click here for The Rules.

The Beginning

The Smash Room is the result of some creative problem-solving. One day at Thrift Warehouse, we were looking at the bins of scratched, chipped, or otherwise not saleable glasses and plates that had come in. The bins were heading to the dump and the landfill likes us to break them down before taking them to the dump to save valuable landfill space. So Gena said “We should make it fun to smash it.”

Don, up to the challenge, built the Smash Room. It is totally fun, serves a purpose (each day we sweep up the broken glass/crockery that is now broken down for landfill). There are various targets, including swinging targets. There’s something so satisfying about being “allowed,” even encouraged, to smash something. It’s a total stress release! Participants get face shields and ponchos to ensure they are protected. The smiles on the faces of the couple in the video aren’t put on. They had a blast! You should try it!

COMING SOON: a totally new wall to throw at – STONE! Which means that you can throw anything.