SIRCH piloted a cottage craft industry, called “Sew Resourceful” which increased employability skills and gave trainees a way to increase their income.

A research report, done as part of the Central East Hospice and Palliative Care Network, recommended an innovative model of residential hospice care for Haliburton. This model had SIRCH delivering Community Hospice as well as provided volunteers to four designated Hospice Rooms at HHHS. Plans began.

School’s Cool was divested from SIRCH October 1, 2009 and School’s Cool became its own business. A distribution agreement with an international distributor, FlagHouse Inc., was signed with School’s Cool Inc. moving more to training and product development, and FlagHouse taking on marketing and sales across North America. Unfortunately, FlagHouse was based in the U.S. and the recession forced it to pull back its resources shortly after the agreement is signed.

SIRCH dropped the “and Consulting” from its name and became SIRCH Community Services once again.

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