School's Cool

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This evidence-based kindergarten readiness program has amazing results, no matter which format is used.  It literally transforms the lives of children entering kindergarten, Specific activities help children learn basic concepts to help them master math, language, social, and self-help skills, raises confidence and sets the stage for academic and social success.

In-person School’s Cool
A 6 week facilitated program delivered in kindergarten classrooms during the summer.  Children attend on their own for 5 hours each day, Monday through Thursday. Learn more and register.

24 Days of School’s Cool 
With the 24 Days online program, resource manual and curriculum, parents can facilitate this program with their own child at home. The program includes provides activities, instructions, resources and videos. Work through it at your own pace.  Learn more and purchase kit.

“School’s Cool has helped parents become more confident that the school experience will be a positive and appropriate one for their children…children are also noticeably better prepared and more confident as they adjust to new school experiences.”

It definitely levels the playing field.  There is no room in the School's Cool Program to say "I'm smarter than you" or "I'm better than you because you can't do it" because we never use the term ‘you can't do.’ We always go "Wow, you can do this!"  And the children hear that.  So, they learn everybody has different successes, and that's okay.

Community Action Program for Children & Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CAPC/CPNP)

Free programs for expecting moms and parents with children birth to 6. This program offers a warm, nurturing atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and respect.  Parents socialize while children engage in supervised activities. Free giveaways, help with transportation, great information, and so much more.

Contact: 705-457-1742 or [email protected]. Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate staff person, and you will be contacted within 2 business days.

smiling mom and baby

“This program is great because it gets women from all different backgrounds in the community to get together and bond over motherhood, the ups and downs, and is great for the kids to grow up knowing each other and other people in the community.”

"SIRCH helped me get food, get into a women’s shelter, helped with budgeting for bills, helped arrange speech therapy for my daughter and connecting me with other community resources.  They made a BIG difference to me and my kids."

Share the Warmth

Every fall, SIRCH organizes 2 giveaway events in Haliburton County and one in Bancroft.  Over 1,100 items of winter gear (coats, boots, snow pants, mitts etc) are given out free.

Repair Cafe

Several times a year, SIRCH hosts a Repair Café in one of the county communities.  Repair Café is a free community event where volunteers with repair expertise help people in the community repair their broken belongings, which could include household electrical and mechanical devices, furniture, computers, clothing, cherished antiques and more.

Don’t toss it, repair it.

People gathered around a table to have broken appliances fixed
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