Innovative and effective programming is important to SIRCH Community Services, but the staff and volunteers are the key to our success. The fundamental philosophical perspective—that each individual has value and strengths—guides all SIRCH activities. All staff are dedicated to undertaking whatever steps are necessary to reduce barriers, unearth gifts and enable growth. We believe that every person has a unique set of strengths and capabilities as well as the potential for growth, change and success.

Some of our program participants have never had anyone express a belief in their personal worth or potential. Others are going through monumental challenges with limited or no support. Instead of dwelling on problems and seeing hopelessness, no matter what the person’s situation, we look for opportunity, empowerment, capacity building and hope. Not to change the person, but to facilitate their strengths, abilities, and an attitude that will serve them as they continue their journey through life (and sometimes through death).

The programs listed are the current programs provided by SIRCH. Please call us for more information.  705-457-1742