SIRCH opened “SIRCH Central” down by the river in Haliburton. It was used for bereavement groups, food services training and was also available for other organizations to use by donation.

Season One of Cook It Up, a 16 week training program that provided food services and employability skills, was launched. SIRCH took over Baked & Battered restaurant one day a week (when it was closed) and opened for lunch. Trainees provided a free three-course meal to anyone.

Abbey Gardens took the lead in Dig In, with SIRCH and the HKPR District Health Unit playing supporting roles. Dig In provided workshops to encourage growing, preserving and eating healthy food.

Thrift Warehouse grew steadily. It provided employment for many people, low cost goods, and diverted huge amounts from landfill. A second Thrift Warehouse was opened in Bancroft. A summer store, called Thrift Upscale, selling only antiques and vintage, opened in Minden.

SIRCH piloted a “Hop On Hop Off” Bus. The bus did a route from Haliburton Thrift Warehouse to Minden and back, via Carnarvon. The bus was not financially viable but did draw significant positive attention.

The first annual “Release of the Butterflies” fundraiser was held in Minden, with people releasing hundreds of Painted Lady butterflies into the wetlands.

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